About Vertical Shift

Vertical Shift is made for people who dream of flying and swinging through a dense cityscapes. 

Players are given a jet pack and a grapple hook. These tools allow them to take to the skies in virtual reality. There’s more than one way to play, each player finds their own perfect combination for the jet pack and grapple hook. 

In the current state of Beta, Vertical Shift offers a lot of fun with your friends. The game features 4 primary multiplayer game modes: Freeze Tag, Hot Seat, Infection, and Racing. Each game mode is fast-paced and intense. With virtual reality, you can really lose yourself in the action. 

In the single-player, join the resistance and overthrow the evil dystopian government of Orion, the last city on Earth. Play through missions and see if you have what it takes to top the leaderboards.

Vertical Shift is actively under development. With each update, our player community provides invaluable feedback that drives the game to a stronger state. Check back with us for exciting new features!

About Corrupted Media

Corrupted Media Productions was formed in the dorm rooms of Kennesaw State University when Sean Feeser and Ben Snowden asked, “What would it be like to swing around in Virtual Reality?” Sean and Ben created the first build of Vertical Shift to answer that question. 

They shared this basic game with friends who had a blast and demanded more. Motivated by this feedback, Sean and Ben expanded the team and set out to build the game they wanted to play. Much of the early development of Vertical Shift was done with the support of Kennesaw State’s Game Design school and as a part of class programs. 

Now, members of the team have either graduated or are near graduation, and are looking to focus their efforts on developing this game professionally. 

Encouragement from playtesters has been a driving motivator throughout development so far. We have had players from around the world engage with our Beta.

The Team

Movement Mechanics

Grappling Hook

In each of the players hands is a grappling hook, which they can fire at any surface. The hook will anchor to that point and the player will swing on the line. Players can also reel in their grapple hooks, pulling them toward the grapple point.

Jet Pack Hands

Players can also fire jet propulsors from their hands. When activated, the jet pack will push the player in the direction of their open palm. It’s a fun way to fly around the ma

Game Types

Freeze Tag

Two teams face off on a small map. Their goal is to tag everyone on the other team. Tagged players are frozen in place until a teammate unfreezes them with a friendly tag. The winning team either freezes all of their opponents or has the most tags when the timer runs out.


This dynamic game type starts with one player who is “it”. This player tags as many other players as they can, and each tagged player becomes “it” as well. Over time, more and more players are tagging, and it becomes harder and harder to run away.


One player starts with the hotseat, and their goal is to hold it as long as they can. All other players in the match do their best to take the hot seat, and hold it for themselves. The player with the most time in the hotseat at the end of the match wins!


A classic test of speed. Players dash through an obstacle course and fight to be first across the finish line. 

Player Testimonials

“I didn’t need sleep anyway”

“Vertical Shift makes you feel like Spider-Man but with iron man hands too.”

“Vertical Shift is as if the just cause grappler and iron man were combined and added tag. In other words, it’s amazing.”

“The Gameplay was very fun along with the map design.”

“The swinging is fun. I like freeze tag the most I think out of all the game modes.”

“I like the ease of movement throughout the game. Having two options is great.”

“yall are really doing great work for vr, the old paradigm that VR games must be slow, is continually being proven to be the opposite, vr actually allows even faster games then flatscreen games, and that is really what vr gamers want is to be faster then they could ever be in real life, to push the abilities of the human spirit. And this game is really the first multiplayer game that I have seen that is really moving into the natural direction that vr games want to be, and will prob be remembered fondly as the first step of a new era of e-sports. or at least thats my hope.” – iigo

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