Game Types

Freeze Tag

Two teams face off on a small map and battle to tag everyone on the other team. Tagged players are frozen in place, until a teammate unfreezes them with a friendly tag. The winning team either freezes all of their opponents or has the most tags when the timer runs out.


This dynamic game type starts with one player who is “it”. This player tags as many other players as they can, and each tagged player becomes “it” as well. Over time, more and more players are tagging, and it becomes harder and harder to run away.


One player starts with the hotseat, and their goal is to hold it as long as they can. All other players in the match do their best to take the hot seat, and hold it for themselves. The player with the most time in the hotseat at the end of the match wins!


Dash through dense obstacles and swing past your friends. Will you be the first to the finish line?

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