~A training mission has been added to Main Lobby

~Custom Games allow the player to modify settings and rules for each game mode

~Quickplay system allows multiple matches to be hosted and the player finds the first available

~Friend requests can be sent and received, which will tell you when a friend is online or not

~Main Menu is available from a jumbotron screen as well as the wrist watch

~Infection Game Mode where one player starts as “it” and tries to tag other players to bring them over.

~UI Indicators show where other players are in the game

~System for earning achievements, with one sample achievement available in the Main Lobby

~An Exception is now displayed when a user is not connected to internet before logging in

~Freeze Tag HUD shows which players are frozen

~New lobby for Infection


~Jetpacks and reeling now accelerate over time instead of moving at a constant rate

~Added some new buildings in the current main lobby.

~Players can no longer tag through walls ~Wrist UI uses the same system as the jumbotron screens

~Wrist UI automatically closes when you look away from it

~UI becomes intractable when you point at it, instead of needing to enter a UI zone

~Reduced Infection tag delay

~Players can only see their teams player indicators if waypoint visibility is set to limited


~Spectators should spawn at the spectating lobby when a match starts

~Fixed a Bug where players could see each other across scenes

~Fixed a Bug where cars would disappear in the lobby

~Fixed a Bug where players could not be untagged in Freeze Tag

~Fixed a Bug where jetpacks particles would remain running after being disabled.

~Fixed a Bug where Freezed Players right next to each other had trouble getting untagged.

~Fixed a Bug where the Infection Game mode would shout the wrong winner at the end of a game.

~Fixed a Bug where hotseat sometimes would not start

~Fixed a Bug where players would not respond after hitting the fog

~Fixed issue where Infection ended before everyone was infected

~Fixed issue that caused networked players to not face the direction they were actually looking

~Solved networking issue that forced all players to enter spectate when one player selects the option

~Fixed issue where player names didn’t disappear from HUD when a user left

~Fixed a Bug where the UI laser would break

~Fixed a Bug where drones would lose their tails