~ Dynamic Reeling

~ Unlockable Items


~ A Problem where Infection and Hotseat would not start.

~ A problem where Cosmetics didnt stay attached between scenes

~ A problem where Voice chat got muffled when you were tagged

~ A Problem where players who joined an on going match got pulled into the game.

~ A Problem where you could not take a pumpkin off your head.

~ KenPump no longer stays active when you leave his ‘personal space’

~ Fixed a problem where the News Scroll view couldnt go all the way down.

~ Killed the cube

~ Grapple Gun no longer fires when pointed at UI|

~ Fixed a problem where players were not sent to the correct spawn.


~Spectators now spawn at lobby spawn when a game starts

~ revisited jetpack speeds

~ Grapple hooks no longer remain off if you leave a Scene in UI trigger

~ if you are in /Spectate the lobby wall will still go up.

~ Knees no longer bend backwards when sitting

~ Spectator UI has different color names so you can read them.

~ Player shouts can be seen by just local users

~ you can tag walls even if your player is short.