~Loading Screens with game hints
~Notifications menu indicates when you have received a friend request
~FOV settings added to Comfort Menu
~”Add Friend” Button is available next to players on the “Players In Room” board

~Player has friction when grounded that will slow down their landing
~Tutorial respawns you if you break out of map
~”_” Key added to keyboard
~Watch has been added back to tutorial
~Control binding menu depicts each configuration
~Larry’s quest music has been lowered in volume

~Quest 1 Crashing When Too Many Players In Game ~Players can not walk through walls ~Tags, jets, and grapples now appear to fire from the correct hand to other players
~Watch no longer turns on or off accidentally
~Z-Fighting has been removed from Freeze Tag map
~Quest 1 users don’t need to restart before voice chat works
~UI lasers don’t appear when loading into a room